Ludum Dare 23 Game: ‘Zephyr’

Apr 30

Zephyr Title Screen

I had a lot of fun making a game in 48 hours for my first Ludum Dare in December, so I decided to try again in LD #23.

The theme for this competition was ‘Tiny World’.
I decided my game would be about tiny forest sprites floating on dandelion spores. You have to guide them to safety by creating gusts of wind with a fan (your mouse).

This time I took a much more relaxed approach to development. I didn’t bother to clear my entire social calendar for the weekend, and I think I was less anxious about it since I knew I was capable of completing a game in a weekend. I was still very tired when I finished on Sunday afternoon, but not to the same degree as last time.

I made a time-lapse of the development process again:

Once again I was really surprised that I was able to make such a complete and polished game in just 48 hours. I’m really happy with how this came out. A couple people commented on how well this game would work on a touchscreen. I’d love to try to port this game to the iPad at some point as an experiment.

Surprisingly, putting in less time and effort paid off this time around. Out of 900 games, Zephyr scored #9 in Mood, #21 in Graphics, #25 in Audio and #43 Overall! Much better than my scores for Spawn.

Try out Zephyr and see if you like it:

Play Zephyr